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For the fall and winter season Sharanel offers hand knitted cable sweaters and lined jackets.  Our accessory collection is coordinated with mittens, hats, slippers, headbands, leg warmers and socks crafted from the softest New Zealand wool. Selected styles are trimmed in faux fur.  Hats, mitts, headbands and slippers are all lined in polar fleece.

From the island of Bali, Sharanel has a complete line up of one size ponchos and tops for every season. For summer our colourful capelet can be worn over tops and dresses.  We offer over 45 colours and prints to complete any outfit.  Our bubble knit fabric is a little heavier and can be worn spring and fall.  Our soft knit fabric is a very luxurious knit suitable for fall and winter.

New for this year, our one-sized hand Batik big shirts and scarves.  Guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go.

We create unique felt scarves that make any outfit an individual statement.  They are hand felted with wool and chiffon in Kathmandu.

Need our famous Afghan campfire socks?  We always stock them in assorted colours and patterns.  Each pair is different with a leather sole.  They are perfect for the Canadian cottage season and around the fireplace in the winter. They are popular with students as well to wear around the residence.

Since 1978 Sharanel has been providing independent stores in Canada with special designs to strengthen and enhance their product lineup.